Meet Me:

Hi: My name is Rose Mary Weaver!! My mom and I run this business together! I absolutely love dogs ask anyone that knows me they are a definite first priority in my life. I have always loved dogs though I never dreamed I would get into breeding and raising them! I bought my first dog
When I was 14 and she was 3 I had no plans of breeding her when I bought her, but then one summer I was helping my neighbor with her kennel and I absolutely loved helping with the puppies and helping get them out every day and playing with them! So birthed the idea of Countryside Golden Retriever Puppies! I studied, asked, and learned all I could but I was still nervous when the day arrived! On the Sunday that she was supposed to give birth her water broke at 10 pm and I will say me and her didn't have a good night and by morning still no puppy so I called my vet and they fit me in I took her *no carried her into the clinic they did an xray and one of the puppies was breeched and so they did a C-section! We then took our five little puppies home! Oh it was so much fun getting them to drink for the first time!
The first week after they were born we kept a one hour watch on them and the grew like crazy the first couple of days!!
here is a picture of me and my first babies together! I have been raising puppies ever since and loving every minute of it!! I try to breed the best dogs I can find not always the biggest pedigree (though I do have some of those as well) but for their personality, color , and of course their health.
I kept one of the Female puppies out of the litter that Sasha had because I never bred her again after she had the C-section because I figured she had been through enough! she now lives with a loving older couple and has her own couch :)! Here is a picture of matilda the puppy I kept
So that is a little about me hope it gives you an idea who the person behind the phone and computer and of course beside the dog is :) ENJOY!
Picture of all three of us
These are the two dogs I own Duke and Matilda and of course me: Rose Mary

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