Thursday, June 27, 2013

UPDATE: on all the dogs

I talked to Chloe's new owners and she is doing well and they lover her. She is hopefully going to be a future therapy dog! I am very happy with the home she has gone to. She now lives in the house and they said she has yet to "go" in the house and she doesn't bark either. She is scheduled to be spayed in the end of this year and then she will get her hips checked out as well but from what both their vet and my vet saw from the outside (no x-rays) her hips look great! Just figured I let ya'll know a little about her again!

as far as I can tell Matilda is expecting and I calculated and we should be having puppies on August 2nd I am so excited. Yesterday I went and bought some puppy toys and am stocking up on the things I need. Now to get momma in shape :). Her training has been going excellent she didn't forget a thing since I was gone we still have a little work to do before we go back to the trainer though because the next step is agility (yippee) and that is building confidence and trust.

he has a visiting female until Friday night this will be his fourth female now the other females the one had 9 and the other 11 so we shall see how many this will bring :). Duke is the same old faithful companion but out of all the dogs I think he missed me the least when I was gone which was surprising to me :).

I talked to sasha's owners and she is doing good she will be 7yrs this December! I am going to go visit them over her birthday this year! They are hoping to bring her over here to our place so that I can see her again it's been almost 2yrs since I've seen her I have called them throughout the years but never got to see her it is going to be a priority now though because I want to see her before she gets too old. I would love if I could take pictures of her and Matilda while she is here